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Vital Signs Monitor:
Dinamap Pro 1000

The Dinamap Pro 1000 patient monitor gives you core vital signs with 3-lead ECG and respirations in one simple yet comprehensive system. And you can trust this monitor is built with only the gold standard technology for more accurate and reliable readings.

The Dinamap Pro 1000 also offers Dinamap ASAP non-invasive blood pressure and pulse rate using technology that's been clinically-proven to be more accurate than competitive models, especially in hypertensive and hypotensive patients.

Dimensions: 12" H x 14.5" W x 4" D
Weight: 12 lbs
Power: The PRO 1000 Monitor can be powered from the internal battery, AC power, or an external DC power source.
              AC Input 120-240 V, 50-60 Hz,
              60-120 VA
              DC Input 18-24 V at 60 VA (from
              a source-conforming to IEC 601-1)
Spacer Dinamap Pro 1000

NIBP: Method: Oscillometric step deflation, results equivalent to intra-arterial BP measurement,
Modes: Manual, automatic, stat
BP Measurement Ranges: Systolic: 30 to 290 mmHg, Diastolic: 10 to 220 mmHg
Accuracy: Meets or exceeds AAMI/ANSI standard SP10
Initial Cuff Inflation Pressure: 140 mmHg default
Pulse Rate: When NIBP is the source, HR values are derived from the pulse rate. The rate source field is labeled NIBP.
Adult Range: 30 to 200 bpm (± 3.5%);
Neonate Range: 30 to 220 bpm (± 3.5%)
ECG: Leads available: 3-lead configuration: I, II, III, MCL1
SpO2: Functional Oxygen Saturation Range: 0% - 100%;
Pulse Rate Range: 20 to 250 beats/min;
Temperature: Predictive Mode: Range: 31.6° C to 42.2° C;
Monitor Mode: Range: 26.7° C to 42.2° C;
Battery: Internal Battery 12 V nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH)
Fuse (Battery) 10 A, 250 V

Our personnel are available 24/7 to handle most local rental requests. Please contact your local representative for more details.

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